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Grand Bang Auto – fuck bad girls in GTA

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Digamour – RPG sex adventure

Playing role is a nice way to spice things up a little bit, when you don’t want your sex life to be boring. For example, your hot girl can pretend she’s from the police, and you can be a thief arrested by her. Now you need to behave like a police girl and the thief, both are horny, so it all ends up with sex. RPG can be also exciting in a virtual world. Have you ever tried any RPG action sex games? Digamour is one of them. It uses all the schemes from other RPGs, but it is all about the sex. In a regular Role Playing Game the goal is usually to kill some guy (and a lot of monsters that are standing in your way), steal something or deliver an item. If you succeed, you gain experience points, develop new skills and get new weapons. Digamour is an interesting action sex game where you walk around and search sexy chicks to make love with them. A lot of love. Fuck sexy girls to get to the next level. Earn points and learn new stuff to make the action porn game download even more fascinating.

Cutie 3D – action sex game

Cutie 3D is similar, but this time you are involved into a plot about the fallen city. You’re living in slums and the task is to change your poor situation. This is why you sell drugs, search for money or… fuck with a lot of girls. The action porn games download to visit the city you live in is full of sexy chicks ready for an action. All you need to do is to finish up some quests, so you can fuck those beauties. Meet different women on your way out of the slums – some of them are horny enough to beg for an instant sex. Another have some requirements and ask you to do some job for them. Unlike in the real world, in Cutie 3D you’re totally free. You can just literally walk around with no clothes and ask hot chicks for sex. This is the best part of that RPG action sex game. Isn’t it fun to break all the moral rules just like that? Another fun thing about Cutie 3D is the possibility to adjust your sex avatar look. Make your character look just like you. That way it is possible to feel like you’re really in the virtual, exciting world of Cutie 3D.

Venus Hostage – criminal sex game

Digamour and Cutie 3D are awesome action sex games that can give you a lot nice entertainment. There are many fun, enjoyable moments. You just play, have a lot of virtual sex and feel careless. But maybe you want to try something more serious? If you do, check Venus Hostage. This action porn game to download includes a lot hot scenes as well, but it also gives you a fascinating plot full of tension, mysteries and unexpected twists. This action sex game is like a mix of a good movie, RPG and porn. Actually it has only one disadvantage – once you start, it is really hard to stop playing. So remember to try it in a free time, when you have no more obligations for the day.

3D Sex Trooper – sex shooter

You should reserve a lot of free time for 3D Sex Trooper as well. It’s another RPG sex production that you must try. 3D Sex Trooper is a crazy action porn game that combines action elements with RPG and a huge doze of adult content. It’s like playing a nice action-RPG sex game in which every female character is a horny bitch, usually naked. What’s more, you can easily fuck all of those chicks in the middle of the quest or as a reward after completing a mission. 3D Sex Trooper is a typical action sex game for males – it gives you adrenaline and a view of sexy chicks. But if you are a girl and you like to watch other females naked, you can play 3D Sex Trooper as well.

Sex Station 7 – Duke Nukem style shooter

If you want to mix all this stuff with a unique sci-fi plot, you should also try Sex Station 7. In this action sex game shooter where you can rescue a lot of hot babes as well. Most of them will gladly reward you with their sexy bodies. There is nothing more exciting than rescuing a group of horny beauties. In Sex Station 7 your mission is to investigate what had happened to a station that the commander has lost a communication with. The goal is to find out what is going on and help all of those hotties to escape. Of course, no one will hurt you, if you do a few side quests with those girls – if you know what I mean. Shoot enemies and think about the sexy chicks waiting for you. The action sex game is similar to one of the classic named Duke Nukem.