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RPG sex games download

Here you have a chance to play something different than 3D simulations. What is the difference? The plot! In role-play RPG sex games made by Lesson of Passion you can change the future by influence on the hero behavior. All their games have many endings, so if you fail once, you can try to solve the situation again. Lesson of Passion uses the advantages of flash technology, so the RPG sex games work on PC and MAC. If you support flash, there is a chance that you can download RPG sex games on your mobile device. No matter if you have a smartphone or tablet with Android. All you have to do, is to install flash plugin. Lesson of Passion flash games focus on RPG aspects. You need to develop your character and get points describing morale, soul, mind, body, style, fitness, sexperience, fashion and so on. Do your best to get RPG sex games download highest rank in each position.

Seducing the Throne

The princess in not in another castle. She’s there on the throne, legs spread with a dripping wet pussy. She’s ready for your cock. As the new hero of this online RPG sex game, it’s your duty to give her and all the sexy citizens of the land a good banging. Seducing the Throne is a medieval RPG sex game online with options-dependent simulation and interactions. Take a good look at each beautifully-rendered 3D babe and pick at least one to fuck. Their tits will be massive. Their legs will be long and tasty. They’ll be giving you quests and they’ll be easy. You’ll get some cocksucking as a reward. Pound the hot chicks in the bar doggy-style and show them who’s king. Vanquish the dragons in this RPG porn games and wolves with your sword and you’ll get the opportunity to use your mighty cock to cum all over every hot chick in the sexual kingdom. Medieval mayhem is possible with you as every hot babe’s knight in shining armor.

Living with Serena

It’s not a big surprise that the only group of viewers who enjoys watching drama movies are girls. Dramas are just boring to men. I mean, how you can even be interested in wondering if some guy loves a girl or not, and other stuff like this. But is it possible to make drama interesting to men? Well, most of the scenarios don’t include one key thing – sex. Now imagine watching drama with all the spicy details. Wouldn’t it be much more interesting? Or even better – imagine downloading RPG sex game like this, where it is just up to you how many sex scenes you’ll see. That sex simulation actually exists and it’s called Living with Serena.

Living with Britney

If you’ll look at the scenario it is just a typical soap opera. A guy fucked up, his girl is pissed off and now he needs to make her love him again. But when you start playing… well, I guess you’ll be focused mostly on the sweet Serena’s butt. Living with Serena is similar to Glamour Living with Britney – another flash online RPG sex game about a guy in troubles and his hot girl. Make sure you’ll check both titles. Do your best to make your life as it was before, find a good job and clean the world around you. But new clothes, go to the gym, and think about your future. Think how to get Britney back and fuck her sweet pussy again.

Story of Didi – Camera Business

When your girl is angry, sometimes you think it’s the worst thing that can happen. But just play Story of Didi RPG sex game to see that things can go much worse. Didi is a cute girl who just loves to have fun. Sadly, her parents don’t understand that, and don’t accept such a lifestyle. That’s why they decided to throw her out of their home. Now Didi needs to take care of herself. How she does it? Well, she wants to become a porn star to take revenge on her parents. Your role in that RPG sex game online is to help her make a career and become a famous adult actress. Record videos, direct hot scenarios and do everything to make Didi the biggest porn star all over the world.

Living with Temptation

The main male character in Living with Temptation RPG porn game for Android/PC is also in a situation that is quite much depressing. His wife doesn’t want to have sex with him anymore, and the guy just lost his job. But after a few sad weeks things are getting better. Now he has a job, but… his wife found someone as well. She had hired a nanny to take care of their baby when she is out. The problem is, the nanny is a hot, young, horny girl… In Living with Temptation you play the husband, so you can choose the way the plot develops. Wanna fuck the nanny or convince your wife to blow you? Review the situation and make a decision. Get RPG points and be more attractive for girls around.


It’s a terrible thing when your wife doesn’t want to fuck with you. But when the only thing that she gives you is sex… isn’t it even worse? Some bitches care only about the money and they will gently open their legs when you give her a new dress. And you know what? In Eleanor online RPG sex game you play as… that kind of cold bitch. You have spent a lot of your husband’s money and you’re in a big trouble right now. Your task is to pay the debt and have a lot of sex to repair this relationship. Are you able to fuck a few guys during one night? Will you earn as much to pay the debt back?

Hot Wife Story 2

After downloading RPG sex games through these entertaining stories you may start to think that there is no such thing as a good wife. That’s why you should play Hot Wife Story 2 which prove it wrong. In this role-play sex game in flas you and your wife are going to a party. You both decided to have fun the way you want, with no restrictions and consequences. Yes, you finally can fuck some other girls, but remember that your wife can do the same with male strangers. How will this night end? Will you just watch when your wife eats lesbian pussy kneeling in front of her. Will your wife turn around and go away seeing a slutty whore deep-throating your hard cock in a toilet? The RPG sex game download and see all the possible endings.


Sometimes things can go bad also between siblings. For example, you should never record the first sex of your sister and her boyfriend. Why? Because things can go out of control and the video can go viral. This is the problem to solve in the Sisters flash RPG sex game. Play as the bad sister who has recorded the sex video of romantic sex and gently kisses. One day the recording has disappeared. Now you need to stop it from being published. Fortunately, you have a great body, so you can make use of it and convince some guys to find and delete the tape. Use your charm and sex-appeal to get out of the trouble.

Jordan 500 Reloaded

A sexy body is really helpful also in Jordan 500. The flash RPG sex game for Android tells a story of a girl who has arrived to the big city to launch an actress’s career. Sadly, it turns out that becoming the actress is a really tough thing to do. Now Jordan thinks about the other ways of making money. She is really depressed, so even becoming a whore doesn’t seem a very bad idea. Which path she will go? It depends on you. Play the flash sex game RPG, choose the actions you think are right, talk to people and see what happens. Each decision leads to the different scene, so you have an influence on the future. Do your best to earn as much as possible.

Tori 500

Jordan is not the only “500” in this series of RPG sex games. There is also another chick called Tori 500. As well as Jordan, Tori is a whore – but the one you don’t want to mess with. This girl sees no cons in being a slut, what’s more, she knows how to take care of herself in the underground world. Tori 500 works as an exclusive prostitute and she really likes it. She can also take part in drug dealership or go legal and cooperate with police. Help her find the best way to avoid being killed by the mafia. They want her to pay the debt. What to do to get rid of them? Think and do your best to solve the problem.

Outcast Academy

When it comes to troubles in drama, it’s usually girls who start it. Just download RPG porn game to start the action. It’s in woman’s nature to always be suspicious and to complain even if everything is ok. Girls are also more likely to manipulate others to achieve their goals. Now imagine a place where a several dozen of females have to live together for fifty days. You can control one of these girls and try to complete your own goals. However, all of those women are also very horny and naughty students. All of these things make the Outcast Academy one of the most fascinating RPG sex games flash for Android ever. Follow the school rules, or be yourself and do your best not to be caught. Have lesbian affairs, kiss other girls and think how to be the most famous person in the female dorm.

Dignity One

Some people believe that every problem of today will be solved in the future – with modern technologies and discoveries. Dignity One shows that this believing is very far from the truth. Actually, people in Dignity One are even in bigger troubles as they are attacked by some galactic Swarm. What to do with that? You should run away, fight it or maybe just forget about all the mess and have the best fun of a lifetime? The decision is yours. Download RPG sex games and control one of the biggest cargo space ship. Travel in search for a better place to live and trade. Look for a fuck opportunities and make your life better by having sex with cosmic girls.


Another example of the problematic future is another RPG sex game called Thorn-E. The sci-fi of this game is grim and dangerous. What’s more, the main character – Thorne – is seduced by a naughty girl named Sky. You know, it’s never a good thing to be seduced by a hot, smart chick, especially when the world around wants to kill you every five seconds. However, if you play it well, you can survive and even find some spare time to have a lot of fun with that sexy girl. Download RPG sex game for Android to lead the character so he can give her a lot of explosive orgasms. Try some extraordinary sex tools and bondage tables. Milk her big tits and hear her screaming during a penetration with a fucking-machine.

City of Love

You are fucked also in the City of Love. That’s how the flash RPG sex game begins. You have no job, no perspectives. You need to get your shit together and do something with your life. How? I don’t know, it’s you who control the situation. You need to go around the city, visit some key locations and move forward. Also, don’t forget to pick up one of the chicks you meet in the city. The choice will be really hard because they are all very beautiful and sexy. That’s why you can also try to date three of them at the same time… Is it right or wrong? I don’t care! The point is to get laid and develop RPG sex skills to be more popular and attractive for other females.

Hank Moody

Ok, now let’s change the topic a little bit. Enough with all of these dramas. At the end, let’s talk about some fun, sexy stuff that gives you just a pure joy. And when you talk about fun, there is no better choice than Hank Moody flash RPG sex game. This production is about the guy who always smiles. But it’s not just about positive thinking and other couching bullshit. It’s about fucking a few times a day with the hottest girls in town. Actually Hank Moody is now divorcing, but he doesn’t even think about it. Life it too short to complain. It’s better to fulfill it with orgasms. The PC/Android RPG sex game download and organize his new life. Hook up with sexy chicks and do your best to make them want to suck your cock.

Johnny Bullet

Another guy that doesn’t give a shit about anything is Johnny Bullet. If you meet him once, you remember him forever. A scar on a face, an expensive leather jacket, and a gun belt – that’s all Johnny. No wonder every chick wants to fuck with him. Are you jealous? You don’t need to. Now you can be a Johnny Bullet. Do whatever you want and take your chance to fuck the best girls in the city. Download RPG sex game Android and don’t forget to beat some nasty bastards and… walk your dog. Life is easy and simple when you are Johnny Bullet. Make decisions and do things that are not possible in a real life.

Trip to Paradise

Is it possible to have even bigger fun? Maybe, if you like to be stuck on a private island with a bunch of sexy chicks. Imagine you are a rich game designer on a vacation. There is your sexy graphic designer with you, as well as your two other hot female friends. There are no other men around. Just you and three girls that are getting hornier with every single day. There are no many things to worry about. Just make sure the girls are ok with the fact you fuck all of them. This can happen only in erotic RPG sex game for Android made in a flash technology.

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